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    1. cGaming.pl - Your Games Center !!!

      1. Regulations

        Regulations and announcements valid on our site as well as our servers.

      2. Classifieds

        Information about premium classes / vipach / skins and other services on our servers. Promotions or degradation of our community.

      3. Organization

        All kinds of organizational matters, proposals related to cGaming.pl. We also report here your absence or holidays when we are gone.

      4. Matters regarding the Forum

        Technical and Organizational Matters of the cGaming network

      5. Recruitment

        Would you like to be more than just an ordinary gray user? Prove yourself and submit an application in a particular department.

      6. Services - Shop

        Price list - ( Click here! )
        [ON] Services for advertising - Servers
        [ON] Services for advertising - Forum

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      7. Work with us!

        Do you want to work with us? Write in the appropriate section!

    2. 🔥 Total - Polski Serwer RPG 🔥

      1. Ogłoszenia Total-RPG

        Ogłoszenia od Administracji RCON

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      2. Poradniki

         Poradniki związane z  grą serwerem oraz forum.

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      3. Help

         Masz jakiś problem związany z forum lub serwerem ?
        Opisz go w tym dziale
        Opiekun: @ Administrator

      4. Apelacje od nałożonych kar

        Zostałeś ukarany i chcesz prosić o kolejną szansę? Napisz apelację.
        Twoją apelację może sprawdzić tylko osoba, która nałożyła karę - nie proś innych o rozpatrzenie.

      5. Skargi na graczy

        Zostałeś oszukany przez gracza? Widzisz jak gracz łamie regulamin serwera lub forum?
        Złóż skargę.

        Opiekun:  @ kubs & @ Administrator

    3. 🔥 Ekipa Serwera Total-RPG 🔥

      1. Informacje o ekipie serwera

        Tutaj znajdziesz wszystkie aktualne informacje o ekipie naszego serwera.

      2. Rekrutacja na rangę Supporta

        Rekrutacja na rangę Support jest aktualnie zamknięta[/color.

      3. Skargi na członków ekipy

        Tutaj możesz złożyć skargę na członka ekipy serwera.
        Skargi za nadane kary będą automatycznie odrzucane.

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    4. 🔥 Strefa frakcji | Total-RPG🔥

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      1. 2/2
      2. 2/2
    5. CGaming Community

      1. User's world

        All kinds of greetings, farewells, decorations, profile editing and complaints of users of our network.

      2. Competition / Tournaments

        Take part in competitions or tournaments organized by our administration and win amazing prizes!

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      3. Graphics

        Do you need graphics? Maybe you are a specialist in this field and want to show off your work? This is a section for you! Follow orders and show your skills to the world!

      4. Editorial cGaming

        A department in which our artistic souls publish newsletters, reviews, interviews with our users. We also have pages on Facebook, YouTube and Steam.

      5. Our media

        Our social media. Welcome

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    6. Ban Zone

      1. Screenshoty

        They made you Screenshots (ss-y)? Put them in this section if you are innocent and you want UnBan.

      2. Report cheater

        Do you see that someone is firing on the server and does not let you play? Write to us here and we will take care of it as soon as possible!

      3. Appeal from CS ban 1.6

        Have you been wrongly banned on CS 1.6 servers? Take a moment and appeal to continue playing on our servers!

      4. Appeal from the CS: GO ban

        Have you been wrongly banned on our CS: GO servers? Be sure to write a topic in the reference section!

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    7. Counter-Strike 1.6 servers

      1. 2/2
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    8. Teamspeak3 Voice Server

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    9. Games

      1. Counter Strike

        News from the world of Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, AMXX packages, Source packages, cash, downloads, plugins, maps, weapon models, players' models, cs 1.6 skins, cs 1.6 guides, cs guides: him, help, problems and questions, advertisements for cs 1.6 servers, advertisements for cs: go servers.

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      2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

        Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you a chance to become a real truck driver in the comfort of your home! Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not just a ride - economy in the game allows you to create and develop your own transport company exactly the way you want.

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      3. League of Legends

        Practice your reflexes, master your perception and become the leader of the group! Become a real hero of the League of Legends world and improve your tactical skills.

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      4. Minecraft

        Do you like to build locks with blocks or are you a master of klepy? Share the secrets of your skills in the topic and play with us.

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      5. Apex Legends

        Apex Legends is a free battle royale game in which legendary rivals face each other in the fight for fame and glory on the outskirts of the Borderlands.

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      6. Free

        In this section you will find free games!

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      7. Other

        There are no sections with your favorite game, and you want to write something about it? It's a department for you.

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    10. OFF-Topic

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      1. Pogaduszki

        Have you read anything interesting about our world? This is a section for you. Share with us the latest movies or music that has fallen into your ear! Show off your hobby and show our Counter Strike community what you're the best at!

      2. Humor

        Did you remember a great joke? Do you want to share it with the world or talk about loose topics? Do not hesitate, this department is just for you.

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      3. Sport

        Events from the world of sport. Who played today? Who will win the next competition of a given discipline? Share your types with us!

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      4. The world of modern technology

        Do you want to share your latest equipment? Maybe you noticed the latest fashion in the computer world? Show Us!

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      5. Market

        Do you want to put up with us on the market? You're welcome ! This is a section for you! Assume topics for sale, purchase or exchange!

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